Enterprise Managed Mobility Services:
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the comprehensive “cradle-to-grave” approach of managing the full mobility lifecycle. It focuses on securing, monitoring, managing and supporting both company-owned and employee-owned (Bring Your Own Device) mobile devices of all kinds across the organization. Enterprise Mobility Management is the combined management tool built around a Mobile Device Management solution that handles both device management and security.

The MDM platform is the central component in an ecosystem of supporting management tools enabling mobile Security, Applications and Email. As  enterprise mobility has become a critical component of businesses today, it is essential that companies opt for a strategic rather than a fragmented approach. EITC understands very well that your company only benefits from the full potential of enterprise mobility if all parameters of the mobile lifecycle are covered. Over the years, EITC has established a complete portfolio of services, helping you build a successful mobile landscape.

Market drivers for Enterprise Mobility Management

  • The desire to extend and grow businesses by using mobility as a catalyst and a differentiator.
  • Governance, risk and compliance concerns relating to the growth of mobility in companies.
  • Increasing demand for mobile access to business-critical company data.
  • Continued pressure on IT departments to deploy enterprise mobility solutions and reduce IT costs.
  • Growth in device diversity (smartphone-tablet-portable) and device operating systems.
  • IT Departments not able to support the wide variety of mobile operating systems and devices any longer.