Enterprise Mobility Audit
Mobile technology is invading the enterprise. A business’s mobile management strategy is no longer only about issuing a fleet of mobile phones to employees. Nowadays, enterprises face other challenges: employees bring their own devices with personal data on them; devices running on a variety of mobile operating systems, and with non-corporate applications installed. This trend introduces a new set of challenges to mobile management.

During our Enterprise Mobility Audit, we analyse your current IT- infrastructure with a strong focus on all mobility-related issues such as the classification of all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, laptops),  current applications (email, database access, business-critical applications), security policy, operational policies etc.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy
Heightened expectations from both employees and customers mean that many enterprises need to start thinking about an Enterprise Mobility Strategy or need to overhaul their current strategy. CIO’s must build innovation into their mobility strategy in order to respond to rapidly shifting business and societal drivers. Consumerisation and issues such as Bring-your-own-device need to be addressed in a swift and efficient way.

EITC’s  approach addresses both the construction of a mobility strategy and the transformation design of your current mobility approach. We underpin  all strategic building blocks and sequential stages, needed for a full-blown Enterprise Mobility Plan. We advise on three key elements  that complete the strategy: Mobility Strategy, Mobility Roadmap and Bring-your-own-device Program.